I have to admit that I have no idea what poetry truly is.  How is it different from prose? What makes ‘good poetry’ different from bad?

When I write prose I have a purpose. I want to tell a story. I want to teach. I want to make a political point. I want to change your mind. When I write poetry I don’t have a purpose, I have intent. I want to capture my emotion at the time of the writing.  When you read what I have written, you may feel some of that emotion. But even if you don’t, my intent has been achieved. In each of the works on this page I have trapped a bit of me. Whether the piece is good or bad, beautiful or ugly, is not important. After all, as Hillel once said, “the husband sees the beauty in his bride.” The guests at the wedding only need to be infected with the energy of the day. They need to feel the love. They do not need to agree on the beauty of the bride or the suitability of the husband.

Enjoy yourself, if you can. Perhaps one or another of these pieces will touch some space in you that lets you share what’s in my heart. Let me know if that happens. Let me know if it doesn’t. In either case, I will grow from your perceptions, and growth, constant growth, is the essence of life for me.

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