Dance with me

Dance with me

I want to hear your heartbeat

Thumping close against my chest.

Feel your muscles move beneath my hands.

I want to smell your perfume,

Touch the softness of your hair,

See the moonlight sparkle in your eyes

Come to me.

Dance with me.

Dance with me.

Each time I hear the music

Playing low, and soft, and sweet.

Or pulsing loud and urgent in the air.

And when I feel a rhythm

Rising from the rolling surf,

Or from a bird’s wing beating in the wind

I reach for you.

Dance with me.

Dance with me.

My body moves more slowly

Not with youth’s incessant spring

Nor with  summer’s endless strength.

But when you touch my outstretched hand

And smile with sparkling eyes

My heart remembers what it felt

When we met.

Dance with me.

Dance with me.

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