The Grasshopper Chronicles


Click on Susanna to visit the Bacalao Conspiracy Project and discover the hidden story of Christopher Columbus.


You have found your way to the story of me.


Don’t worry, if you explore a little you will soon know who “me” is. Right now, let me tell you how this site works. There are three main categories of my work here. First, and perhaps the most fun, are my stories. These are autobiographical and describe who I am and how I got to be who I am. Be careful here. There are adult themes involved. After all, I am, according to the some, an adult. There is, I admit, widespread disagreement on that among intelligent people. These stories are collected in a section titled creatively…Story Collection. Click on that tab and join me in my travels. Or click on “Poetry”. Surprisingly, that is where I have posted some of my poems.

These are narratives that deal with then and now; who I was, where I went, who I met, and how I grew. Now that I am I think I might have something to say to tomorrow. So I have created a section called Notes for Next Time. I fully expect to return someday and when I do, I think it would be helpful if I left myself some guidelines and observations. They may also be of interest to other people my age, or younger, at least as topics for discussion. In this section you will find social commentary, political perspectives, and general observations. Feel free to read, share, and comment on what is here. You can call me names, but I must warn you that I am extremely sensitive and will filter out adjectives and descriptors that are demeaning. I can handle unflattering. Just keep it reasonably clean and don’t be rude.

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